Candela speed boats



Tired of boards? Want something more challenging?

Check out a Swedish high tech foiling speed boat.

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I think I’ll go e car before attempting e boat :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! Yes why not. Want some insperation? Check out :slight_smile:


Pretty nice drivetrain! Looks like they have their motor in the boat, not as us.


I agree, everything has been made from scratch. The guys at Volvo Penta who invented duo prop is involved.

The motor is above water, like an outboard. It is moved up and down depending on if the boat is foiling or not.


What is even more interesting is the shape of the prop hub.


That’s normally for the exhaust flow


They might just chosen a well developed marine propeller, makes sense…

Quite different from an submarine prop.


The prop is “standard” might be subject to change. They are still developing the production prototype.
One cool thing, that we might have to look into as well, is the noise level. The gears in the drivetrain are otimized for low noise as well as efficeincy.