Canard Configuration


Has anyone tried the canard hydrofoil configuration for an efoil board?

The Zeeko Spitfire uses a canard configuration. It basically has two lifting wings, which allows for better turning and more lift per drag, but also makes it more sensitive and harder to ride.

This link is an explanation and review of the foil.

My main worries are the instability and the motor and propeller sticking past the back wing, since the canard configuration has a wing in the front rather than the back.


That article has some interesting information. I wish we had an expert for foil design in this forum to create some models.

Anyone know their price for just the wings?


I believe you need more than just the wings since the pole that holds the wings goes in front of the mast, rather than behind it like a regular foil. I suspect it would be hard to mount these wings on a different design.


I have to machine a new fuselage anyway.


We are trying this canard type as well since 3months. It works but we don´t have 30% gain, I would say about 10-15% with this setup…however stabilty is a little bit less. Still trying to find the right setup…Don`t forget …during kite foiling you have less weight on the foil and force triangle vector between you kite and foil…On just an efoil there is no force pulling towards the kite—means less stability a.s.o… You can as well ride without a stabilizer wing…just one front wing…it works but it needs experience.


I just watched the videos on this foil. Looks like a huge improvement turning wise over the conventional foil. I’d like to try one out! Maybe the riders skill level is much higher than mine is!


Its so difficult though. Every little detail could either make it shit or really great. How are we supposed to test that? There are too many variables in my view. Maybe its doable with CFA.