Can i use 775 motor?

hi friends, i want to make an efoil or jetboard but i cant find any 6kw motor or abow in my country!!! and also we cant order in online shops too😑
can i use two or three 775 motor to ganing 6kw???!!:neutral_face:
or what types of motors i can use!?

Read the forum friend. You’ll find more than the info you just need.

yes i know, but i didnt find any thing about 775 motors
or what type of motors i can use in a list

You can use this motor with a very small jet like KMB JET28
Take 3 and it will not have enough power to :surfing_man:
Therefor nobody is using this…

its very small and also its online shop, means i cant buy it in my region
i just need a list of useful motors for jetboard😢

If you can’t buy anything online it’s quite hard to build a jetboard or efoil - what region are you from?

unfortunately we are under boycott by usa,
so we cant buy anything online from shops.
in iran we have many shops but they dont have all types of motors
so i just need a list of useful motors to creat a jetboard, maybe i find a motor in the list if existong in iran

The motor is only one part of a esurf - you need a jet, esc, batteries and so on…
How fast you want to surf?
Take a look at Lampuga, Awake, Jetsurf and so on - 8 to 15kw is “normal” :surfing_man:
Make a efoil - it’s more fun and needs less power.

But most motors coming from China. Also not possible to buy those things?

for efoil, how much kw is necessary to fly!?

for jetboard 20 km/h is enough for me

all parts for jetboard or efoil is ready, the only problem is motor and kw😢

we are under boycott from all of the world🤦

so we dont have any online international pyment method



I know one, he is from Germany and often in your country. But I meet him in summer next time.
Perhaps he can help to take some things to you.
But I don’t know it is possible with the Bordercontroll.

If you have a efficent system you can fly with about 1.2kw - to start you need about 50-100% more

If you have a efficent system you can go 20 km/h with about 4-5kw - also depending on your weight

You have some pictures to show it?

tell him what the fk he do in our cage!!! :grin:

tnx bro❤️

tnx bro, i think you answered me well

i will test your informations on my board
and if i faild, i have to use an small petrol engine🤦

tnx to all members to answer me well