Buying a selfmade efoil

Hey there efoil builders! Ever since i have seen videos of the efoil im very interested in riding one my self. I have been following some of the builders. Investing in crowdfunding. And i would like to be starting a rental business in the near future with these efoils and stuff. I have never been foiling but i want to try it. Is there anyone who has one ready and wants to sell it to me for a good price? I live in the netherlands. So someone in europe would be the best option i think. Hope to hear from someone.

We are in Norway. But still have some time with testing prior to a fully functional prototype/product


Ok, but will you be selling 1 to me? And when will it be ready?

My plan is to sell mine when I’m finished and then make another one. But I’m not finished and I’m in the USA.

Well give me a sign when you do. Maybe we can work something out

Hey Linzio, if you are starting a rental and learn be sure to find a setup likely with larger front wind for slower and more stable ride, and get a build that has prop or impeller fully enclosed for safety reasons, and can take a beating from renters… You will also want something you can buy more than a one-off build. As you know I’m working towards a commercial grade, extra safe RE prop/impeller/electrical system, and ultra slow and stable.

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Hey Chris

I know, we already have contact by mail :wink:

Linze van der Meer

Still nobody selling an efoil in or near the netherlands?

Are you aware that an efoil will probably cost you 6000€?

Yes i am. I want to start a rental business with the efoils. But i want to try one for myself first. Thats why i hope someone is selling a selfmade efoil. Maybe a bit cheaper that the ones for production.

I would definitely sell you mine after its done. But there are still a few months to go.

And where do you live?

HI everyone,

I’m selling my first efoil (PROTOTIP):

Voltage: 12 or 13s
Max amp: 99A (with 13S and 70kg rider average 25-35A)
TOP SPEED: 40 kmh
Mast: 95cm (slingshot)

its work really well !

How much you asking? super impressive work! I think you need to put your logo on more parts

Did you make the aluminium propeller yourself? Looks more efficient than the 3d printed ones as the blades are thinner.

@Hiorth He is stealing your business lol

Haha we don’t care, in it for the fun:)

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competition is always good. :grinning:

yes propeller i made by myself and yes its loot more eficient.

Blades are tiny


Those look great! What diameter props are you using?

ultra slow? what it means?