Build from Moscow!


Yes, this option is also probably possible to use!


These starters with a planetary reducer are all models of Lada.There are even Bosch starters.

This is what we,the Russian production company "Kzate"metal new sample.It cost us 10€.But I would have waited for it to be tested under load before talking about its cad files yet.


First you have to have a fully functional gearbox. To test engine, transmission, bearing and seal parameters, the propeller is sufficient Only then will I advise you on a better propeller. The propeller can be replaced at any time for better.


The propeller had to be refined a little!


Here I think,whether to print for a given propeller duct?




Hello Anatoly, can you tell us what is the gear ratio of your planetary?
Where in moscow are you located? From time to time I travel to Moscow jobwise. Maybe we can have a beer together?


The gear ratio of the gearbox 4,25: 1.Hello Toto44!Beer drinking of course you can,it would be a desire and time.But I don’t speak English.What about you?


Hi @Anatoly, I speak Russian and come to Moscow frequently as a part of my job. Is it possible to meet and share ideas? I usually stay near Sokolniki. What neighborhood in Moscow are you from?


@Anatoly, I speak english, but no russian Might become difficult :grinning:



We build efoil,and it turns out a music box!:grinning:


Everything is going according to plan,but very slowly!Print fasteners to the mast.


ahahhaha. Nice music :smiley:


Do a starwars theme pls :smiley:


Faced with the problem of fitting of the second seal.The air between the two seals worked like a hellish spring!Pushed the seal back.I had to insert a thin paper clip between the shaft and the gland.Only then could the press!


Seen in August 2018 here by @ArtemkaMAX also from russian vaz 2110 car :

@ArtemkaMAX: how is your system going. Did you succeed ?

Better availability but also more expensive starter kits in the Bosch and Valeo catalogues:


Hi!Yes,half a year ago,in this tape I found this solution to use the starter gearbox!Your information on gearboxes I also studied in detail,thank you.We communicate with ArtemkaMAX at our local forum.Thank you once posted it here,maybe someone come in handy!