Build from Austria

Now I started. Old F2 surfboard cut a little shorter, a gong mast and sss56114 with Neugart gearbox. The gearbox is 1:8 I had this in the drawer so i will need a slightly bigger prop.
Here are some pics. The wing is in the making. I found Al tube with 60x2 dimensions. Means the 56 mm motor fitted very tight in it. I needed to grind it inside and I used this grinding wheel which I prolonged with some Aluminum.

image image

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Where did you get the prop?


Working on the hatch.


My very first test today. More difficult then expected. :joy:
Need to change some things. Wing mounting is not stable enough. Water cooling leakage, and I think I need board with more volume.
Oper more then enough.

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Board volume looks fine. The second you standing you’ll be happy you have a smaller board.
The mast mount and wing connection needs to be solid otherwise it will be chaotic.

Very promising…
Keep your throttle steady, move your weight forward to keep the board on the water, and you’ll be able to stand up.
I find that balancing the board lying down is harder than standing up…

Yes same here, did so many sessions lying on the board at the beginning , if I knew I would have been up before :grinning:

Thanks or the hints. Will try that next time.

Today I received the gong foil ( M)
Now that works fine. Very stable compared to my own wing build.

Like pig :pig2: doing Watersport :joy::joy:

But the surface of my board is too slippery.
What do you use? Just wax or something else?


Pad and windsurf shoes

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Surfboard wax, one brand is Sticky Bumps. I used it on a foamy surfboard and it does work.

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If the surface of the board is smooth and a grip (deck pad) will stick to it, then go for that option. It doesn’t melt and is not messy.
If the surface of the board has any form of “sugar coating” that has been previously used for grip, then use wax over the top of it as a grip wont stick to it.

If you riding in a lake where you not sure what is on the bottom of the lake, wear booties to protect your feet.

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out off stock :unamused:

Hello one other🙂

First time I had the same, to slippery. BUt I bought simple surf shoes and surfwax at the local decatlon and this works fine

Finally finished my new board.


Most simple hatch lock in the world :star_struck:
Is it waterproof ? Which lock have you used ? A link ?

1 Zoll Alu Schnellverschluss Stoßstange Kurz (Schwarz)

But I think these are not waterproof. So I placed it outside of the seal.