Broken Lift Efoil


No, I didn’t see any. But it could be the same has the 56115, just longer. If now we could have it packed in an extra 56mm long tube it could be the motor we all are looking for.
That might be the reason Lifts runs on 14s.



This looks like the same inrunner they had recently, but longer and higher voltage. Nominal current is still at 50A. Old version went 60ish volts and was rated 3kW?


Interesting that they have gone for a longer option. I would rather increase the diameter and keep it shorter. The max power you are going to be able to get that motor to according to the specs and running 14S (higher voltage would not be safe) is 4.7kW. It should work though.


56200 80a Max at 24s , so 40a at 12s continious… Low pitch propeller , small area blades it might be just …


Its the same motor and company ( alien has been selling. I had one of their 5611 inrunner last year as they just started making them. It’s just a longer version, but I have a friend who just ordered one to test with his direct drive, it arrived yesterday so Im interested to hear how it works out. Unfortunately the quality and torque is the lowest of all the other motors we tried. The shafts cut like butter VS TP power motors which shafts break my machining bits! Huge difference in magnet strength also. But, 86mm longer motor and another 60% more copper/weight, it could pack a powerful punch!


7.2 Nm of torque should spin a 130mm prop OK. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, at 14s for sure. Not sure at 12s though