Boost Surfing FIN greatly inspired by Efoil

Hi Guys,

Was looking for some videos on Efoil and came across this one :

Website :

Interesting as it is nearly a copy / paste of what we already use on efoil. Also, if you look closely, the prop seems pretty close to te original PM’s one with 5 blades :

My bet is that they are using kind of 5065 BLDC motor as direct drive to get 10kg of thrust @800W. Also, pay attention to the fact that they are using a third generation Blheli esc along with a controller, which is what we are using on drones today. Which also is what @stijnhof is planning to use on his board. This is definitely an interesting build.

Would love to hear your thoughts about a similar “compact” build for foils :slight_smile:

Have a nice day and happy new year everyone !


Hello 800watt 10kg …? Ok but where is the lipo?
It is so tiny!
Good things with blheli refresh rates!

90Wh battery inside the fin. With 800W it will last a whole 7mins. But they only do 8 and 20sec on periods to catch waves. Thats where the 2h runtime comes from.

especially the old pictures show the pacificmeister prop :slight_smile:

ok i undertand nice litle option for surfing or sup!

I backed it a couple weeks ago… i’ll send info when they ship… :slight_smile:

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