Boards for eFoil

155 cm and 100L :slight_smile: :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Interesting. The first board I used had around 75L volume and I found it fine.
What are the width and thickness of your boards?

Is this 110L board still for sale ? im 92 kg

Hi, no ewrithing SOLD :confused:

Hi Guys, the naish hover is doing absolutely fine for the placement of an large aluminium box.
Lots of greetings. Joe


Does anyone made experience with a flat board (5cm) and the electronix box on top of it?
The dimensions are: 145cm x 35cm x 5cm (like 25 litre)
I know itโ€™s far from beeing ideal for our applictaion but I donโ€™t have any other option yet to get a board for an efoil. It will barely float above the water but shouldnt it be possible to start?

peter does with a 20L naish hover 160 apparently, it would be fun to try โ€ฆ

Hey I got one of those laying around! I should experiment with putting electronics all in that board now that I have a battery welder! haha!

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Have you seen this at Alibabba?
Some sort of plastic hull with case for โ€ฆ

Very interesting! Seems it has been designed for jet surf.

With some fibreglass and Epoxy you have a very nice base โ€ฆ Asked for a price. Will keep you informed

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How can this box be watertight?
There are no seals. Or am i missing something?

Where did you bought this alu boxes?

Looking for a cheap chinese board with waterproof boxes included and standard 2-rail foil mount, for delivery in France. Alibaba is just fine.


I may want to buy one of these boards!

Aloha MauiMan. Chris here from Vancouver. I bought one Davidโ€™s boards and it it awesome. The build quality is excellent. Flying Rodeo is a great company to deal with. Iโ€™m on Maui a few times a year, usually for the winter swell season. You can check out my Instagram chris_wiseman1 for photos of my e-foil builds. Mahalo.

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Thanks for letting me know! I am buying a motor system from him and I would love to try the board too.

Are you in Canada?

do anyone has to sell a board prepared for efoil elektronik and mast?

From what I understand now, FR is only doing boards for companies now. He no longer sells to the public as he doesnโ€™t have the capacity to fill the orders.

yes i tried to buy one from him, but no luck.