Boards for eFoil


Thanks. My approach is to get everything else working perfectly (electronics, cooling, propulsion, remote, etc) before I start slimming down my board. That way I also have a larger board to float me during tests and breakdowns.


Plus you may-reuse the board without the foil, right ?


I could as a windsurfer or a SUP yes.


Hello, Are you know which place could buy the ring Buckle on the water proof box?


Started building my board for my efoil I got the rough shape from and it’s the long sup board that they sell it is 5ft long and 4in thick


I just got in our special DIY backer’s production board in with everyone’s name on the bottom who helped make it become to reality!

Super exciting guys! So close to mass production efoil board with a waterproof hatch, electrical compartment, and is 6ft long for ease of use and standing starts.


New efoil board arrived and we are prepping it for new electronics, battery, and hinged hatch!


For what price will you sell the board itself?


We have two more coming in from two different factories, so not sure until we select the best built one and materials.


Hey Dandydan, how is your project ? Would you have new pictures ? How much did you pay for the 8’ long blank. They announce 135USD for a 8’6 precut blank on the site and I am not sure it is what you got from them (square rails and uncut) so your blank was cheaper than that…


Ya I paid $135 and it was precut for a sup board and then I just chopped off about 2ft off the front and about 1 ft off of the back and then I cut 3.5in off of the sides and so now I need to still make the battery compartment and also a inlay for a aluminum plate that the foil will mount to because I want to make it similar to the lift foil where the battery compartment is big enough so I will be putting the 12”x12”x3/16” aluminum plate to ensure that the mast will be sturdy and so I don’t have to put in

a huge turtle box to hold the mast and have a lot of unusable space for the battery pack and it’ll be under the carbon fiber and I still am working on the mast clamps because I can’t figure out how to get the fusion 360 to listen to me. Haha but every time I upload a file it’s way out of spec like the mast clamps are 20in in diameter and I’ve tried adjusting the units and nothing seems to work for me I may need pacificmeister to help me on that because I have a mast that is 133mm long and the ones I’ve alre printed are about 114 mm long.


if anyone needs it: :heart_eyes: HIGH VOLUMEN POCKET BOARD :sunglasses:

GOOD PRICE because it is one of teh first in the production :slight_smile:


hi @Flying_Rodeo ,

What is the price , Dimension of the board ? volume ? weight ? Is the compartment waterproof ?



DIMENSION: 140cm in lenght and 65L, weight 9KG

COMPARTMENT its waterprof, mybe came inside small drops (BUT NOT LEAKING :slight_smile: )


if anyone needs it: :heart_eyes: HIGH VOLUMEN POCKET BOARD :sunglasses:

DIMENSION: 140cm in lenght and 65L, weight 9KG

COMPARTMENT its waterprof, mybe came inside small drops (BUT NOT LEAKING :slight_smile: )



65L is not much? What is rider max. weight?


this it POCKET BOARD its not for BEGINNER :sunglasses:

but when you know riding you dont go BACK on BIG BOARDS, like for kitefoiling its the best POCKET BOARD :slight_smile:


So could an experienced rider of 6’2" and 95Kg use the board?


i recomended max 80 kg the best its 70KG or 75KG. Its realy special feeling when you have small board under FEET :slight_smile:


So what size board would you recommend for an experienced rider of 6’2" and 95Kg?