Board making on a CNC


Today was a pretty cool day. Got to take a board I designed from Fusion 360 and covert it to Shopbot CNC. Foam cut super easy, no dust with the vacuum collection, and was honestly super easy once I got it setup.

Many thanks to @pacificmeister for helping me along the way as usual!


@tylerclark Awesome! Do you own CNC or found a shop to do it for you?


I belong to a “hackerspace” which allows me to use great tools like the CNC. So it’s been great to speed up my development and do more DIY.


Very cool, Same here in Antwerp Belgium, acces to 3d printers, cnc and others. Willing to share your file?


Eventually yes. I need to make sure the board works (hydrodynamically) and that I can put a board together using the methods I’m using (cutting top, cutting bottom, gluing together). I’ve gone down the road before of posting files as I go and then things change, it’s a hot mess to clean up and ends up detracting from the community. So yes, once I get the board on the water and it works I’ll make a big write-up!


Looking forward to seeing this new method develop quickly.
What’s your CNC size ? How many pieces to assemble the board ?

Easy alternative to Fusiion 360 for board design, free open source exporting to STL:

Other SW I know, even in their free version, import any format (STL, AkuShaper, Shape3d, …) and trap their customers by exporting only to their proprietary file format to be sent to a shaper who bought a licence. Not the case with SW exporting to STL.

Looking at the pict, I am confident :wink:


Only CAD SW like Fusion are able to create nice and sleek looking hatches…
@tylerclark have you found a way with @pacificmeister to create a new Fusion 360 plugin that would make easy the board line design + user interface for hatch position / dimension and lid thickness ?