Blue Mountains Australia Foil Build

Tool update only.
Yesterday 2 parts of the 3 parts of a “cheap” Lathe Digital Readout arrived (DRO) . Did a quick setup to test tonight the unit, it works “ok” the other Linear scale is still in transit. I will remount the “X” scale with a more solid setup after I have mounted the “Z” scale.
I need to also gain a better understanding of how to set the units parameters as its my first ever DRO.

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My very slow build has been on hold for a bit but I got inspired the other week by…
& made this

it is well below acceptable so will rework it or start again.


Thinking I should post a small update of my slow build.

so much more to do . Thinking about scraping the pelican case & doing this…


Looking good Alex. I think the pelican case is a good solution for a prototype, but it is nice having everything fully enclosed inside the board. The only drawback is it takes a few extra minutes to put the screws in around the lid.
Edit: After looking at your picture again, it looks like your batteries might be accessible via a round hatch. Even better.

Still have not worked out the batteries access, but did make this today. The hot wire cutter made it very quick, well 5 hours from cutting templates till packing it all away. I still need to radius the sharp edges a bit better.
Using grade H EPS 1700x650x150 cost $154 for the EPS


looks awesome man , what is the board material ? how do you work out the orange case ? do you just put it on the top ?

@360eskate Thanks, please see for material please note that it only can be used with epoxy as other resin will melt it…

I decided to ditch the orange case and do something like this… (its a work in progress)

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Update & a few tips below

Tips for EPS:
1.If you are using a hot wire table to cut out the box out use two templates top & bottom. I didn’t :angry:
2. A sander for plaster board with mesh gives a nice surface finish use lightly practice on a off cut.
3. Radius every corner prior to glassing (fibres do not like right angles).


Great job Alex. Looking good.

Looking sharp Alex, lots of space :slight_smile:

Verry nice …

New motor but looks like I need to buy a new VESC as well so no quick test. :frowning:


Have you considered the ESC that is designed for that motor from the same manufacturer?
What prop have you put on yours

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Yes, a Flipsky VESC will be my next purchase. The prop in the image is 7.4 X 5.7 but will be modifying it . (Also interested in your prop design)

Today, I was able to do a hand layup of “Basalt Innegra Hex Weave”. Very easy to use, it has heaps of advantages over e-glass & carbon fibre.

Check out:

I got my stuff from


Its a Work in progress.


thanks man this is great job on your part!!! I will see to get the same potentially

This is my first attempt . I am happy as it has been a great learning experience , even with all the imperfections .

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