Blocoloco’s efoil


after a break of a few weeks, i did some progress today.


Thanks for the details photos of your build, it’s looking good. I always look forward to the updates. When you put the PVC pipe through the foam do you epoxy the hole length or just the ends?
I read on another thread here that the heat generated can’t escape and it ‘eats’ the foam.


If the epoxy is thin like 2mm, that is no problem. It only gets hot in big volumes. The PVC tube also lets heat escape. If you use slow epoxy that needs 8hours to cure, there isn’t a lot of heat generated.

But if you take express epoxy and fill up a thick layer, it can get very hot.


i’m agree with maxmaker. the heat is just a problem, if you thake a fast hardener. thanke the 24h hours epoxy and you’ll not get any problem.


Great thanks for the tip guys!


3hours of sanding :mask::mask:


back on track, today i’ve done some preparing for the final layer.


very nice, i want one!
sizes and weight please


it’s around 150cm and has a volume of ~110l. i’ll tell you the weight soon.