Best Carbon Fiber Weave Pattern for an Efoil

Hello all,

I’m currently purchasing all the necessary parts to build a board from scratch and I decided to use carbon fiber to reinforce it. However, with all these different types of weave (plain, twin, harness, spread tow), tow (3k, 6k, 12k) and weight (4oz, 6oz, 10oz) out there, it’s been hard determining which carbon fiber cloth would be the best for my board. Therefore, I would like to know your opinion as to what type of weave, weight and tow is best as well as how many layers should I laminate on the board. I am not planning on vaccuming it so this may weigh in as a determining factor. My current choice is a 4 harness satin weave 6K 6oz carbon fiber cloth. Here is the link:

It is cheap and I like the look. The weight and tow are exactly what I think would be ideal. I am planning on laminating two layers of this cloth on the whole board. Please, let me know what you guys think.

On a side note: Since I am not planning on vaccuming it, are there still benefits to using carbon fiber versus fiberglass?