Bens Spanish E-Foil Build

So, like most people here, I was amazed to see early e-foil videos online and decided I Just had to have one of these toys. Myself and young family enjoy wake boarding, water skiing and more recently wake surfing. I had even managed to get up on a wake surf foil albeit for a brief amount of time.

Following the original PM build on here, keeping a close eye on the V-Foil project and waiting until the commercial board finally hit the shelves.

Like most of us. The 12-15K price tag was out of my budget for a toy like this. My wife would have killed me for dropping such a huge sum of money on one these.

I watched intently you guys for well over a year while many of you struggled with geared drives. I just knew this was well beyond my capabilities. :frowning:

Then came the 65162 direct drive - Game changer! A few people started to have good results @virus especially.

With the help of many forum members, I made a list of parts required and did some math. I wanted something easy to transport to decided on an inflatable board. If only i could get one!.
I tried in vein to get one from China sellers, But they only had the larger sizes 190cm and the cut out for the box seemed too far forward.

The “For Sale” section of this forum came to my rescue and i was happy to buy a 160cm inflatable MSI construction from @thorlex

I had originally planned to buy his box, but the opening restricted battery choice. @YAHEF was using a similar board and had 3D printed a box and was kind enough to share is CAD files.

My 3D printer bed was much smaller, so i had to cut up the design and print in smaller parts. Mast clamp, prop and boxes totaled over 120Hrs or print time. Plenty of overnight issues where i awoke to a failed print. Snapped PLA, (very old poorly stored PLA) or thermal runaway. (Cheap Anet A8 printer and loose thermister)

During my build, I have had to change plans a few times. Leading me to modify the design from @YAHEF
His box and lid design ment space was tight to begin with, and no cheap or viable battery box would fit inside.

FYI: I am 6ft2" and 90Kg dry

Board: Inflatable 160cm x 70cm 100l
Foil: Gong Alivator XL Pro
Motor: Flipsky 65162 120Kv
ESC: Flipsy Seal 300A OPTO
Remote: Maytech V2 (additional sealing for water - Conformal coating and Corrosion X)
Battery: I elected Samsung Q30 cells, 12S12P.
Battery Case: MAX004
3D printed parts: Prop Guard, Props, Main box, Electronic box, Motor mount

Im now part way through the construction process and plan to be finished before Easter.

Some photos to follow…!