Battery storage

Hi guys,

I couldn’t find a specific post talking about battery storage. I know at least 2 different E vehicle companies had their factories destroyed by fire due to battery going off. One of my mate set is garage in fire charging battery pack ect.

Here in NZ some insurance are talking to stopped covering fire due to big battery pack and government is looking into regulation to enforce storage of solar battery and other big battery pack outside houses.

Who got issue with battery and how it happened, charging, just in storage?

Where are you keeping your battery stored?

We are using quite big battery pack and it take only one cell to set the full pack in fire…

Actually, it depends on the battery type. This site has at least 6-8 users with Lipos which took fire and 5 users with puffed Lipo batteries. Users with Li-Ion or LiFepo don’t seem to have met these problems.
Just type “Fire” in the search area


Yep I did search… Li-ion are for sure safer than lipo but they still go off. Those 2 factories and my mate were charging Li-ion. Have a look online 18650 used in vap do occasionally catch fire.

I got 2 lipos fire already, can’t be explained as we used only 30% capacity of them. All were turnigy batteries (the green one.) We suspect those batteries to be crap. Our setup is super efficient and only pushing 25-30amp constant on big 4x6s 10000mah…

Which foil wings are you using for this?

Carbon surf foil 70cm span, we will commercialize soon with motor

Back to turnigy, iam the only person to burn them ?!

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I have 4x22000mah 6s from turningy. They are working very well for me.

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lucky you, i experienced some nightmares situation like having the iphone + car keys and then Turnigy Batteries starting their magic fireworks in same room…

I have 2x 6s 16Ah turnigy that I almost emptied a few time >90% and no problem so far… i got close to 100% once, they got very hot and stayed so until i charged them back…

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