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Hey Guys,
I love this idea of knowledge sharing, you guys are visionaries. I am new to hydrofoils and have a lot to learn, but I also want to contribute. I started researching DIY E-foils and found this forum - so much good info.

So how can I help?
My company makes high end electric bikes here in Southern California. In order to keep costs down and ensure quality we have partnered with a battery factory that makes custom lithium ion batteries.
I use Samsung 18650 cells in my 48V 18amp hr removable battery packs for my bikes and have had great success. Our factory can make just about any size battery in just about any configuration. The batteries can also be made with an IP-67 waterproof rating, smart BMS and have a 1000 cycle warranty. We have injection moulding machines and 15 design engineers that can provide design to final product services.

Im an enthusiast, I’m not looking to manufacture e-foils, I just make and sell batteries. I am hoping we can work together and accelerate the process and keep the costs low so I can have my own one Foil asap.

Let me know how I can help.


eFoil Battery Packs
eFoil Battery Packs
eFoil Battery Packs

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