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Hi @all!

2 years ago i saw in Youtube (while i seachring something about Kitesurfing) first time a eFoil.
I was fascinated from that and i decide, i want that too. Little bit later i was shocked about the price from such foils.

One year later i saw in TV again a efoil and looking around the internet and found this forum.
Since that moment i read a lot, i do some constructions in Fusion 360 (i want to put Akkus, ESC and motor in a Torpedo) mut i decide 1 meter can perhaps to long.

So, now i take the traditional way.
after long time reading i know in witch direction i will go…

Batteries: 18650-30Q in a 2 * 6s12p configuration without a BMS
ESC: Flier Boar 400A
Motor: APS 63100
Board: I decide to buy a European inflatable Board.
Foil: RL or Gong

Pictures comming soon…

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ESC: Flier Boat 400A

… and programmingbox

APS 63100

Inflatable board:

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Like the opening in your board, It’s more “square” than mine what gives you more room for the batteries.

I take a look to your Topic and see, yes i have little bit more space :slight_smile:

For me it was important to have enough square for batteries and technik.
I want to ride more than one hour :wink:

Where did you get your inflatable? Looks much better than mine.

Hi, i found it on Facebook. Take a look to that Link:
It is a Startup and build Inflatable Bouard and efoils with Carbon :wink:
Mine is a not Carbon version.

Did you build a box for you inflatable and whan, how?

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Thanks. I will contact them.
I’m preparing a post later this weekend (if all goes well) but in short, in the same way I did my mast clamp. 3D printed 6 parts with low infill and the plan is to pour polyester inside this weekend. At the bottom I’m going to use a 5mm aluminium sheet.


wow, what a great idea!
Do you think the structure is sting enough?
What do you think about epoxy inside?

First I plan to do the structure with wood and outside I use some layers with carbon and epoxy.
But now perhaps I print the parts like you with my Anycubic Chiron. Less infill and epoxy and after I make 1 or 2 layers with carbon :wink:

I’m building a box at the moment. Printed parts with low infill, glued together and then laminated with fiberglass. Bottom with alu plate 4mm. Top with carbon sandwich. Parts are printed.

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I’m quite sure you don’t need any extra reinforcement. With either epoxy or polyester, the frame becomes rock solid. I’ve tested booth and my reason for using polyester is the price. Instead of just glue the parts together like @sat_be suggests, cut off the solid walls between the joints and then, when you pour resin inside you will have an almost solid part. I’ll explain more in my coming post later this weekend