Are these waterproof lithium packs any good?

I know this seems too good to be true, so thats why I am asking here:

Does anybody have any experience with a pack like this sourced from china?
They have a lot of different sizes and shapes 12v to 48v at different capacities, but this one in particular looks very interesting for efoiling.
The pack is 17 CM thick and 15 KG.
It can offer a constant current of 100Amps (150Amps on custom request) at 48 volts, that makes 5000 to 7500 Watts
48v*50Ah = 2.4 KWH, is like almost 200x 18650 Cells in there for just 635 Euros.

These packs just seem to be too good to be true for use in an efoil…


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I don’t trust off brand Chinese 18650 cells. It’s not worth the risk. Just 200 Samsung 30Q cells costs $800. So, my concern is the cells in this pack. Stick with 30Q cells. That’s my suggestion.


Sounds legit. Thanks!