Anybody with a Neugart PLE?

Does anybody in the US/Canada have a Neugart PLE they are willing to sell? I have two distributers here in Colorado but for some reason they don’t seem interested in selling just one.

I thought I’d start my first build using the Pacificmeister STL files but the Neugart PLE might be a showstopper…

If nobody has a Neugart PLE, can anybody share their STL files and motor configuration so I can buy/build a known setup that works. Thanks for the help! -Marc

I have ple 60 1:8 can you use that? I can ship world wide

I might have a line on a PLE40 so the simple answer would be “No”. The longer answer is probably more helpful. If you want to be able to sell it, try to find an STL file where the PLE60 could be integrated into a design. (somebody has probably done it already) If you have both those it will get snapped up. The 8:1 ratio seems a bit high but I’m sure if it could be immediately integrated without a ton of work, it would still sell.

Why would you start a build with a gearbox when there’s a known working direct drive motor that makes the build MUCH simpler?

Well I thought since it was my first build I would follow Pacific’s build closely. Can you point me in the direction of a thread that would have the STL files and motor you are talking about? I’ve done a ton of reading and would prefer to not build a geared setup but it seemed like it was the only thing that was super straight forward. (minus acquiring the damn gearbox).

No point to build a geared setup in 2020, just too much hassle with waterproofing, coupler, shaft and thrust bearing. Forces to mast clamp are high due to the length. I built one, because there were no direct drive options when I started in 2018. There are two common solutions, either use a 65161direct drive inrunner that can be used with a duct or run a 63100 outrunner in the wet (you need to treat it with epoxy). Both solutions can be found in the forum.

Bangood is selling the flipsky 65161 120kv for a good price. Get that motor. It’s well tested and works very well.

OK…I’m switching my design and going with a more “2020” approach. I’m going to order the motor on Bangood. What about the prop they sell with it? Is it any worse than what I could print on a 3D printer? Also, what would you recommend when it comes to a (V)ESC? I’d like to use water cooling because I know how critical it is to keep electronics from overheating (I have a 150HP VFD), but at this point I really want to go with a tried and true setup. I’ll be using the Maytech remote.

I would go with the 75V 200A vesc and add water cooling to it. definitely the best option at this stage I think.

Prop wise the banggood prop is crap unless you modify it. I’d rather run a 3D printed prop than that one. You could also get a Flying rodeo prop and modify it a bit which is the best option (unless he does another run of props specifically for this motor). Just make sure you purchase the motor with the threaded shaft!

Would one get away with a Seaking HV 130a ESC paired with the Flipsky 65161?