Another wip mostly 3d printed

Hi all,

First, thanks all for informations we can find here. Greetings to Pacificmeister for his stl release. I was checking/dreaming on your videos, i was so happy when this website has been created.

Then, here is where i am. I used 20x20 and 20x40mm aluminium profiled to try to get something the cheaper possible (at least for mast and wings).

Sadly, i am not able to 3d design more than with tinkercad, but this make the job for my needs.

Here is the thingiverse link if anybody wants :

Pacificmeister, i tinkercad your mast mount to be screwed on aluminium profile, i any problem for you, i will remove them.

A lot of more work to do, but this is clearly one of the most brilliant diy project i ever seen. Definitely felt in love. :slight_smile:


Nice! looks like a cheap way to make it! how is the rigity of the mast? I really like the notches in the mast, Will that produce less drag?

Mast looks really rigid.

Mast notches will be covered soon to get something really looking like a real foil with some print i have to tinkercad. I say ‘look like’, as i never seen one other than images.

I’ll try to cover everything with fiber glass so made mast print with a 17% infill to keep them light.

Nice Work! Looks very promising.
Is the wing itself pure 3d printed plastic? I suppose a more solid “core” could be needed to withstand the bending forces.

Yes, it is pure 3d printing, just infilled it 100% (and discovered same places brand can have different density … but i don’t care from where i am).

I’ll surely will sand it then apply some fiberglass+resin.

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Great idea!!. I would improve with additional slot to pair/connect with profile shape !image
I was wondering if this wing will be able to generate similar lift force as the one for example Liqiuid force Pacific used in his aplication…

You are right, i have to tinkercad slot. Regarding the wing, i use 3d printed as it has to, make a prototype as a lot of thing have to be made. If wing really sucks, it will be time to use a real one.

It’s really a great idea. The machine profile is very durable and there are many connecting elements for it. For example, connecting the mast to the fuselage can be strengthened with plates, it will be very strong.

This plate is more than just interesting, thanks.

Sure give us some update when You will be after first test… And upload updated stl. drawing =P

Of course i will update, this is the less i can do.

My tinkered look like fitting the 20x40 profiled aluminium. It’s time to order some things now.

Stl are uploaded to thingiverse. My board should come back home in december.

Anyway, winter is coming in France, let’s do something i have in mind for remote control while ordering parts.

Some little update on mast and fuselage.

As i’ll need some room for 8awg cable, i print foil profile empty, just clipped on 2020. Once done, will be covered with fiberglass.


Then, the remote i am working on.

A raspberry and an old PS3 controller. A lot of buttons to manage the speed of the motor, plus some other to get vocal information like voltage, amps, initiate ESC,emergency stop, … and no, i won’t waterproof the controller with a condom.

Joystick halfway will be the standard speed to stand up, as i am not confident with managing controller and standing up.

is there somewhere some information on where to screw front and back wing, where to add the mast and where to fix mast on the board ? is it something like an airplane we have to balance ?

Tube fits perfect :slight_smile:


Any updates? or new photos of your mast i would love to see your progress. thanks

Hi, yes soon, as i finally got my reductor (12 weeks to get it 8) )

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I really like it. How are you going to fix the plate to screw to the board ?

Add some time to work on it today :slight_smile:

As i really don’t have an idea how to balance the mast and the board, i’ll keep profiled aluminium free.

This how i’d liked to mount it

Next easy step, will be to make a small mast to first tests

have fun

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But let’s make this 20 bucks board waterproof again first