Alu / Carbon e-Levitaz


I am new here and in the electric Foil or Surf World.
I am from Schwitzerland and go as muck as i can Kiting. Tipend on the conditions on wather, land or snow.

Sins i ride my Levitaz Cruizer with the Match Board and the 80cm Mast.
I came realy in love with Hydrofoiling. (no more ubwind strugeling haha)

And i also build a pretty strong e-Mountainboard i also wantet to build me an e-Foil, but! with an Levitaz Foil.

I am a profesional welder… i just love it

I am trying to do a Foilboard out of aluminium and foam…
I made a prototyp out of 2mm (bether for modeling).
So i had the form… Now i am plaining to do the same in 1mm Alu.sheets.
9kg is quit heavy for a board hahaha.

So now i hope you have intresse in this projekt and want to help me. :smiley:

As you see, i thing spending one or twoo hundred mor and have e bether produkt is bether than buy a cheap one and buy two times
Trampa, Levitaz APS, Flysurfer… they build good stuf.

My thought is to take a Levitaz Hybrid Mast and take the Carbon or Phiberglas away :thinking::expressionless::no_mouth:
And Weld an Aluminium Mast Profile between the twoo Alu segments from Levitaz.

after i welded this and grinded the welds i want to make the motormount one or twoo cm from the Fuselage, and use a jet prob, so i have no drag for slow gliding.
or may with a folding prop like from sailing boats?

But i realy do not know wich motor i have to use or what prop or jet…
I just know i want to use the vesc, because i am familare with the program.
Why not the Vesc 75/300 :drooling_face:

I know it is not the easiest Foil to Build an e.Foil and without Carbon-epoxy strukture…
But i realy want to use Levitaz because i also Kite with this brand.
And you can swich the Wings so easy!
hahaha Chose between Shaka L and Bionic or aspect…

I hobe we can discuss here and come to a good Component list.

LG Pascal Kuster

Ps: Dam i am a new user and can only post one picture… sorry

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I do not wish one of these hit in my head, but i love aluminium too and i know how difficult is to weld…

Fun with a totally new approach on a build, good luck and looking forward to see more pictures.

My build is also all aluminum except for fiberglass board and carbonfibre wings

That looks like a potentially great mold for making from fiberglass or carbon fiber. I would never be caught on that as-is though! Talk about a liability! lol

Yes, Me too.
So i deside to Hydrofoarming the Surfboard Shell.
So the welds are flat and not pointy.

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I weldet a aluminium Profile in the Board as a brace.
But now i have like two channels :sweat_smile:

First i wanted to mount the Foil with a Foilmount.

But now i can easy weld the Mast in to and on the brace. My Car is big enough so i always leave the mast attached to the Board aniway.


i purchased a Liquid Force alumast for this idea, and also a Slingshot with Base…

The Motor I orderd is a APS 70160 150KV (the 100KV one was sold out). I want to power him with an Vesc 75/300. And direct drive to the Kort nozle prop.

I ordert a Kenzen RC 94mm 4 blade 1,2 Pitch prop. with probebli a normal Kord not a race nozzle i think…

But i think, i have to try yout the 130mm one.

Maby i build meself onhe efoilmotor with vesc and battery all on the mast. for easy atach it an the Kite/Surffoil. In the scale of an Esk8. With the Saka L from Levitaz it might will work with the 94mm prop.

Time will see

First The Board startet to be a Prototype, just for knowintg wich shape the sheet has to be in 1mm or 0.5mm sheet.

Now this version is around 8-9KG