Alternatives to Neugart Ple40

I’m about to purchase the SSS 56104 500kv motor. I’m noticing that a lot of people are using the Neugart Ple40. I’ve heard great things about this gearbox but it’s a little out of my price range. Are there any other more reasonably priced quality alternatives that will work with my motor. Thanks!

Do some research on the forum! I’ve seen several people talking about cheap gearbox alternative.

Nema 23
Alpha gear, (heavy duty, must lighter drill)
PLE 60

Greeting Frank


I’m looking at this planetary as an option. Runs fully on bearings and mod 0.75 gears. Used in the traxxas UDR with 4070 motor. Total cost including bearings is 45-50 ish euro.

And what is the Ratio?

@stijnhof , have machined the plate to put the 4 bearings ?
Looks like 4:1 gear

As you see it above, it is off the shelf. The supports are injection moulded. I will however machine the planetary support for the output side since it has a strange spline shaft on it which is difficult to interface with. I plan to make that a 8mm pocket to receive the output shaft marked on the below cross section. Currently working on a jet drive but it’s configured to accept the planetary with two extra sections. I’ll probably make these parts anyway even if the jet works since it doesn’t cost much time to machine.

The gearing is 1:3.7313 (planet 13t, ring 41t, sun 15t).