Airchair10's second build

Finishing up my second build and thought I would share it. The first one was a good one to learn on, and I sure learned a lot. Cooked motor and ESC. Water leaks and so on. This board will be great for upgrades. Only a couple of things I wish I would have done different. Had it been a half inch thicker, the hatch cover could sit flush. But, not a big deal.Went with an aluminum box. This board is a little on the large size, figuring the kids and grand kids can start off a lot easier. This is a Pacificmeister set up. Many thanks to him. I would not have this without his sharing generosity.

Finished up my build and found the waterproof hatch leaked real bad. Waiting for new BEC and receiver. I pulled out the factory gasket and filled all the grooves with a 2 part silicon. Improved the tightness but still not water tight. Any suggestions on sealing the hatch? I eventually want to install a bigger battery but not until I get the leak fixed. I have a 1/8" drain plug on the POD and am wondering how much Corrosion X I could put in the POD.