Adhesive standard foil mount

Hi everyone.

Have any tried to mount your foil this standard foil mount, with adhesive on the back?

50/50… easy way to get a foil mount but depending how the board is built and in what condition is it, the board can get delamination , so if it does you will crash hard and loose may be the foil and motor pod…

Also thank you for your input here Alexandra - much appreciated!

I think I’ll give it a try, again a simple and fast solution, to limit the time until I can get on the water. I will keep an eye on the adhesive and possible delamination, hopefully catching any problem before it breaks on the water.

Cloud 9 seems pretty confident in there product - in the documentation of the Standard foil mount, they state in can mounted on any board with a flat spot for mount.

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How did this work out for you?