Adapter for GONG mast and Moses airplane


Has anyone made an adapter to fit Moses alu airplane to a GONG mast?



It should not be so difficult to design under Fusion once you have both mast section dxf files. @Manufoil has the Gong mast profile dxf. @Jezza has made at least two mast-plane adapters (never shown though :wink:) but nothing seen so far for this Gong mast to Moses plane combination.

LF Short Mast Interface Plate cut

Haha yeah I made a Gong to Unifoil adaptor, axis to unifoil and then a gong to slingshot. I haven’t been showing them because I’ve been looking at potentially selling some adaptors and gauging the market.
The Gong to Moses would depend on the location of the Moses screws. Do you know what the Moses fuselage measurements are?

Im making one as soon as the Moses airplane arrives. Just checking if someone already done it. Stay tuned!

I think the question should be "What are the Moses mast dimensions and screw spacing that could be converted in a dxf format - Taylor’s Fusion360 pluggin can do that. Anybody with a Moses mast picture on this forum + chord and max thickness caliper measurement pictures ?

No, the base of the moses mast has a special insert that doesn’t follow the shape of the mast. You need the dimensions of that or alternatively need the fuselage. However the first step is knowing the screw spacing so that you can make sure the gong screws and moses screws don’t clash with each other.

Will you have a carbon fuselage or a alu fuselage ? The carbon mast version has a long symmetrical slot.
Moses alu and carb fuse
Which wing and stab have you chosen ? Kite or windsuf ?:

Here is the Moses carbon mast insert from Slingshot mast to Moses fuse adapter (51mm screw spacing) made by Foilmount.
Slingshot mast to moses adapter 01


Which wing are you planning on using?

Have you got measurements for insert into the fuselage?

Thats the sellers picture. I will update ASAP.

Was looking for one for a slingshot mast and a gong fuselage a while back, not sure if anything has since come on the market

Its definitely doable!

Please send my the dimensions of the Moses cutout and bolt position.

I think that the Gong mast base is thicker than the Moses slot so this should not work for your project.
For other situations needing a mast to fuse adaptor, here is the casting solution: a thinner and round-shaped Moses Fluente carbon mast head potted into a right-angled Gong fuselage slot using epoxy resin mixed with carbon fibre strand.

Moses  mast potted in Gong fuse

Here you go!

The bastard is cone shaped. Holes are approx 6.8mm and the cc is 49mm.

The distance between the hole in the back of the slot and the place were the bottom of the slot meets the wall is 40mm.

Please share whatever you make.

hi I have an adapter from RL mast to moses foil built the data I try to set tomorrow
Greetings Ben

Whats the depth of the slot?

Approx 14mm. At the front and aft there’s a slight increase of height