80100 modifications for a maintanance free setup


I’m done with my geared drive setup and now would like to build another Efoil and go the easy way :wink: It is also very interesting to compare both setups efficiency wise.

My goal: I want to modificate APS 80100 80kv motor to run it without any corrosionX and be as maintenance free as possible.

To my questions:

1)Is there a alternative/cheaper source than APS for the 80100 80kv motor (I’m in Germany)?
2)Do I need to change the shaft because of corrosion?
3)Can I use stainless steel bearings instead of ceramic bearings to prevent corrosion?
4)What bearings do I need exactly?
5)What is the best way to waterproof the solder connection of the motor cable and my phase wires?
6)Can someone post the stp files for the 3d printed materials between the magnet gaps?
7)Any other recommendable modifications I need to consider?


Depends to a large extent on how it should also run in saltwater :surfing_man:
Most stainless steel bearings are A2 and not A4 and therefor they will rust in salt water.

I think it’s better to pour with epoxy resin to get a very smooth surface because it’s turning with 4000 rpm


  1. may be that one: China 80100 80kv
  2. i changed my shaft because of the length, and went for titanium at the same time.
  3. not using corrosion X doesn’t mean completely maintenance free… you’ll need to clean it anyway at least by flushing with water… and even after doing that, i get salt buildup appearing after a few days…
  4. bearing dimensions in this thread For who try/have tried direct drive with outrunner
  5. I used liquid tape on the end of the motor leads up to the bullet connector. Covered with adhesive lined shrink tubing on the connectors themselves. After connection, i just wrap a good electrical tape around. If you want a more permanent connection, using some more adhesive lined shrink tubing. I would keep the bullet connectors there in any case.
  6. agreed with @SUP-MIKE … that’s very smooth! was it a cast or did you let the epoxy harden while spinning the rotor? that’s not a 80-100, right?
  7. you might want to replace some of the original screws by stainless ones.


I use a core in the center and pour with epoxy - after hardening turned and ground in the lathe - teflon spray at the end - that was my way :sunglasses:


Seen this … ? Found a good motor


Thanks for the answers. Is there also a bearing which can handle the axial force?

What do you think about this hybrid bearing?


Deep groove is the way to go, i’m not sure how ceramic balls compare stainless, better for corrosion, just not 100% sure of the load they can take. It should be fine as it’s holding in @alan_wong 's build with a similar motor.


Ceramic balls can take more load.