80100 direct cooling


electric winch? wouldn’t that need even more power? :slight_smile:


Put up a picture of it, sounds great! The Boma motor is a large in runner for e-bikes right? do you protect it from water in some way?


Just did a test run, using a yamaha low pitch propeller, and it was much better than I expected, the top speed was amazing, according to the gopro when I was at 3/4 throttle it was 30kmh, i went nearly full throttle once after the gopro was put away and it felt like at least 35kmh :smiley:

I really expected the 7 1/4 x 5 propeller to be extremely slow, but it was fast and efficient. Rode for roughly 22 min down to 3.78V per cell on the battery (20AH 12S).

Verdict: BETTER than double motor. Video to come!

Mat: Thanks for introducing the 80100 motor DD on the forum, you were the first person to do it so deserve some kudos :clap:


Well done !
Which ESC did you use ?


I used the flier 400a 22S boat ESC, Im using the water cooling, it didn’t get ‘luke warm’ just a few degrees warmer than what it would have been if it were not being used :slight_smile:


That is great! Do you have a Solas prop for comparison as well? Would be interested how it performs compared to the lower pitch yamaha. I have a 80100 laying around waiting to be prepared, haven’t decided on a prop yet.

Your speed results somehow contradict @borntosurf222 's calculations regarding the 80mm motor, or not? Drag doesn’t seem to be much of a problem with that speed and range you are getting.


didn’t seem to be an issue at all, its quiet streamlined, maybe his calculations were for a flat 80mm circle? Ill have a video up in 25 mins so you can see.

I don’t have a solas prop, but I might order one for testing so we can compare.


So you are running the Yamaha 7 1/4 x 5 without modification and without Duct ?


no duct, made the bore 12mm and grinded off the top maybe 10mm so it would slide onto the shaft fully and be bolted on the end.


heres the vid: never went full throttle in the video, only did after I put away the gopro :confused:



Looks like its flying! Get a GPS on there to measure the speed :slight_smile:


The Gopro GPS can be pretty accurate for very constant speed, from my experience you can even add several kmh on top, so he was maybe faster.


But depends on which gopro you have…


I don’t know about any difference, I would have guessed the Hero 5 and 6 have the same sensor, I have the 6 and it seems to have a 1 Hz sensor, no 10 Hz, so varying speed is a problem.


But that might be an older one without GPS too :slight_smile:


That sounded like it has GPS :wink:


Its the hero 5, I only just got it so got the speed to work in ‘quik editor’ but i made he video in iMovie and for some reason the dial didn’t save… top speed was 30kmh at one point, average of 25kmh mainly.


top speed 30 KM/h with a 100KV on 12S and 5" pitch?


its 130KV, 12s…20char

edit: 5" pitch


It would be extremely interesting to have an apples to apples comparison (same prop) to @Mat s 80kv. I have the 80kv too and wonder if it will perform better or worse. I thought the 7 1/4 would be slightly too large even for 80kv, so now I am confused :smile: