80100 direct cooling


not exactly… the breaker tripped, so i open the hatch to reset it … on the water… and the water was very choppy and my hands were wet… yes, that was a very smart move :slight_smile:


Oh shit !
The new Vesc I’m using comes with an ON/OFF switch. Coupled with a 150A breaker it should be pretty handy !


Hi @millesth, where did you buy your ESC from? Can you please provide the link? Thanks!


From Maytech directly but I’ve juste found out that APS is now selling it:

I’m puting it on the bench test this monday to see what it can handle. I’ll let you know !


Looking forward to seeing the results!


Quick question, what is this hole for? Is it a water pickup?


yes, exactly.i have a “cooling nipple” that screws straight in the plastic from the inside. it’s very small but as there is the pump at the top, water comes up …


finally ready: the video of the build


amazing video! Congrats!


I thouroughly enjoyed the video, Congrats Mat!

That isn’t the 400A boat ESC that we’re using before?


Great video Mat! It was nice to see how you sealed the motor and used such simple techniques!


So much attention to detail in your build, all very clean! And the video is really well produced.
Few small questions, why did you sand the outside of the rotor? What pupose has the hole you drilled into the new shaft?


There’s a very small gap between rotor and stator, so I’d imagine he needed to sand it down so that it would fit without rubbing the stator.


I mean why he sanded the motor housing from the outside (where the alien logo is).


exactly… doing its job well without heating too much …


@Jezza is right for the stator.
for the rotor, the pain was kind of peeling when i got it. I started by replacing it with some appliance epoxy paint… but it was peeling too… so i re-sanded it and just clear-coat it with acrylic…

the hole was originally to replace the circlip by a screw and a washer… but then i the circlip groove worked so i didn’t use the hole… i left it in the video, because that trick is nice to make a perfectly centered hole in a bar…


@Mat Great vid!

Where did you get the traction pads you put on your board?



there : https://waal.co/

they ship pretty quick.
I also have some on foil-surf…
it’s less “grippy” than regular foam traction pad, but it does the job and looks way cooler :slight_smile:


Awesome video!! I enjoyed every second of it, I wish I had the skills to bring a camera and document more!


I see, so is that a different ESC or the boat one without the red aluminium housing? I’ve just ordered a boat 400A 22s and 80100 130KV, we will see how it compares to the double motor!