80100 direct cooling


The link is ok for me.
Still a scaling factor issue: axis: 2.5 mm, blade inner diameter is 13.2mm, OD : <40mm


hello guys, this esc will be enough for build like Mat and Jakebaenhill1 ?


Mine was the flier 400A boat 16s, but that one should do it too, i always stayed below 100A on 12s. Just keep in mind that you’ll just limit yourself if you want to go with more than 12s…


Does anybody have the 80100 files in Fusion format rather than STL?


that should be it :slight_smile:

be careful though, there are different styles of end plates… yours might be a bit different.


Forgive my ignorance. How do I open the file, all I see is a picture?


that link might work better :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks Matt. Don’t suppose you have the mast mount files in the same format??


I think it’s this one : https://a360.co/2OjDzDN
made to the liquid force impulse mast …


@Mat mast clamp doesn’t work on the Liquid Force 2018 mast. I’m shaving the print to fit though - living and learn


Thanks again Mat, much appreciated.


That’s really strange, on their website, all masts seems to be 124mmx 13.5mm.
The front part will have to deform slightly to go over the mast, but all closed with the screws on, it should fit tight.


It could have been the print, but it was tight to go on the mast and the rear clamp had 1.5cm gap when connected. I’m shaving off some of the plastic to make it fit.


I think @Vicdes2 had the same kind of issue, and it was because somehow the part got scaled vertically.


Now I’m just shaving it down to fit for now.


I see… slingshot mast have a different profile …
Worst case, you can modify the profile in the fusion file… but it’s not the cleanest part i made, so i might mess up some other dimensions…
Or easier, IF the slingshot has all dimensions bigger than the liquid force, you can just create a new sketch and cut through both parts…


Hey Mat.

Fits perfect after I sketched in my own mast. Don’t suppose you have a Fusion file on the end cap spacer between the motor and the prop?? Thx again.



that’s the motor cap… latest one i printed has a circle extruded on the propeller face that fits right inside the ridge at the back of the propeller. It centers it better as my screw holes were slightly too big… i guess i forgot to save it…


hello Tapis
how did you modify your helix 7 1/4 6 (to fix it on your engine)?


I’m now about to try a 7 1/4 5, but they are basically the same 6 was plastic and 5 is aluminum.
I just cut flat the front and drill 2 hole for screws that go until the motor rotor.
you can see both on the picture below (note, the rotor plate is not installed there, I was just checking the screws.