3d printed/foam/fiberglass/carbon design. (NZ)


@DavidC I got the files from grabcad but there doesn’t appear to be a seperate file for the mast. What file did you use to get your 100mm mast profiles?


All china foils so about the price of one commercial foil…:slight_smile: We are building three boards, one for each of us. Will also use them for kite foiling :slight_smile:


@g.gregory8 I downloaded the files and edited the mast in solidworks. I created one part as a 100mm section including the top plate and saved that and then cut another 100mm section from anywhere along the mast and used that as a duplicate. I then printed it 7-8 times and glued it together.

sorry my explanation is not great? do you use solid-works?


Im also thinking of chopping off 100ish mm off each tip of the main foil and then scaling it up in Sli3er to create a bigger foil.


Im afraid that the carbon will delaminate under stress tho :roll_eyes:


Yeah I’m also afraid if things like this. There’s only one way of finding out.



We are trying to make anninverted mold instead make each part then glue them together



Nice, will you use å balloon inside to produce this part? That would be really cool to see.


We are thinking doing each side then glue them


I have some experience with glueing two parts together… And it wasn’t too good… The thing did break into the separate parts :confused: We solved this problem by laminating around it, this way there’s way it’s way stronger!


My composite guy got that covered I think we’ll see


I also printing my mast but i have holes inside for sticking a fiberglas tube to increase stiffness, hold these printed glued parts together but also put the wires through.
I have printed an outer form to use when I´m laminating with carbon. I will use platmount to the board and let the mast be increase in thickness and wideness the last 100mm. But I don´t have the knowledge to do that in 3d yet.


Loads of pictures would be great!


Use the loft command between two mast crossections :slight_smile:


Clever idea! We created holes through the foil and filled it with glue. It increases stiffness, but also stops delamination!


Yes the loft command, I´ve read about it but I´ve never done any real cad before, just tinkercad. But 360 seems great when you learned how to use it.

My mast is based on a E836 Eppler foil and I´m printing them in 100mm parts. My biggest problem is how to get the epoxy/carbon to really bond to the mast surface. I´ve heard the the bond is more mechanical than chemical between epoxy and PLA so therefore I designed it with small grooves. But now I heard someone mention that the 3M spray mount make a good bond between PLA and the first layer. So maybe I give that a try first.


Let me know if the spray works!


If you are in doubt about the adhesion, I would go through the structure with some fiberglass to link the sides. and form a multiple torsion box, like a snow ski construction.


Hey there,

I had no issue with adhesion between the glass and pla! The 3d printed mast is basically just for the shape, it has no structural integrity! All the strength is from the laminated glass and carbon !