$ 300 Does that make sense


Yeah, I’m going to need to see those pics bro


You are supposed to be above the waves, you need some more pratice i think


He got 400cm mast. Dont be rude.


if you bought this please go to this video and add your name to join a Class Action Lawsuit to fix this if you bought this product. Please tell us how many you bought and let’s hold FB and Instagram more responsible. Especially after they lost 120 Billion last week, this could be another media setback for them. And they have the money!!!

  1. I was on a wind a wind up . I never bought one at all. Just threw a red herring in to confuse people :joy::joy:


My friend paid $300*2 for this products.
But you withdrew $400 and sent him nothing.
He is worried if this is scam.
Can you explain what happened??


Yes 100% scam. There are now even scams for the SSS 56104 motors now. There were a bunch of them listed on ebay this week presumably from New Mexico for $69 with free shipping. It sounded too good to be true (first scam clue) and the seller had zero reviews (second scam clue). But, since ebay 100% guarantees all sales, I ordered one. A day later the seller was removed from ebay and my payment was refunded.


This is definately a scam. How I now that? Because I was foolish enough to give it a try - and recieved a body-board you find in every kids-store.


Just open a case at paypal, upload a picture of the description and one of the received board and describe the scam. You will have your money back in a week.


its definately a scam! I know from personal experience! they got me i feel so dumb. i didnt know anything about the boards so i just thought it was cool and tried it thinking they would just send a cheap knock off. nope they sent a kids boogie board probably worth about $20 from walmart.


ABSOLUTELY a scam! Ordered this board thinking it was a great deal, just received a $5 boogie board in the mail. I was so confused to what it was when my post office handed it to me. Dealing with PayPal now about getting a refund. How disappointing…


I have been scammed also! Hoping paypal disputes the money. Look what they shipped!