$ 300 Does that make sense


I wounder if this offered is this product http://epoch-power.net/index.php?c=product&id=347


I think it is now $199 and they have like 3 to choose from. All the pictures are stock images from lift foil though. This is definitely a Chinese product. Did anyone order. I wonder if this is any way legitimate.


This is obviously a poor attempt to scam people.


Yes, my friend ordered one


Watch out for these scammers. Today I had several friends contacting me about this Bingodone scam. They are running paid ads on Instagram. Beware!


at least those last ones removed the lift logo from the pictures…
I got 3 different similar ads forwarded to me today…
some were advertising 60% off… 199$ instead of 1999$ … :thinking:


Those sammers are quite well educated today :joy:


lol… They even used some pictures taken from Lift foils videos… and from another builders out there… i am sure i’ve seen some of those pictures already.
Fake, Fake, Fake…


I want to get the £150 bingodone board! does anyone know if they actually post it? Is it life size?


They send a little toy


Either a scam… or a very sneaky marketing technique from ‘Lift’ themselves :wink:

Probably not, but I can’t help wondering.

  1. These ads have certainly gone viral & reaching a huge audience.

  2. Now a lot of people are realising that its fake and commenting in the facebook & instagram comments with a link to Lift’s homepage showing the real deal. Hmmm

Am I alone with these thoughts?


I also saw the advertisements on Facebook. Lots of replies. They offer payment by Paypal which reduces the risk. But then again… 199 dollars. Crazy.


LoL i just saw the pic above. They sent a toy :joy::joy::joy:


95% chances this is a fake product BUT you may see the future right in front of your eyes as this is exactly what happened with drones, when you would spend 2000 dollars for building a decent drone, and 4 years later the 10-year-old child of your neighbour would have a 300-buck christmas present which could do exactly the same and even better.

So surely fake right now, but maybe an average price in 2022


ya total scam

heres the site


Joined the forum and immediately posted this.
I’m calling bullsh@t scam


sounds like hes selling it but, lets wait for the “pics” :wink:


Yeah, I’m going to need to see those pics bro


You are supposed to be above the waves, you need some more pratice i think


He got 400cm mast. Dont be rude.