26650 batterypack


Has anyone tested a batterypack built using 26650 cells? I like the idea that one cell hold the capacity of two 18650. Im looking into Keeppower 26650 6000mah cells. The unprotected once can do 20C continous and 30A peak.

A 12s7p pack would give approx 45 minutes of runtime.

Any suggestions?

What is the advantage over a samsung 30q pack with double as much cells? They have exactly half capacity and same discharge rating…and in bulk they are much cheaper.


Less cells, less complexity. :slight_smile:

I think bigger cells are only slightly less complex for assembly. And spot welding double the cells is pretty quick.
Apart from the cost savings mentoined above I would assume cooling is also harder.
I simply went for the cheapest cells that fitted my power requirements, bigger cells are certainly possible. With the smaller cells fitting the pack in the board might be easier.

Hey have you seen the litokala 26650 they are 20A discharge and only 3.7euro a pice for 5000mah


I decided to go for even bigger cells. I now use 42,5ah cells from a Kia Soul. 12s is approx 10kg. Very high quality. In this picture you see a 6s pack.


Hello Riwi, where did you buy these cells?

At your local electric car scrap yard.

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not so many electric cars around here, specially not on scrap yards.
Can you sell 12 of these?

Were are you located? It’s difficult, and expensive, to ship lithium because of regulations.

I am in austria and you?

I will run some real life tests on the cells as soon as my board is done. If they work as expected I might build and sell a some packs. We should be able to get shipping by road in europe for a reasonable price.
The specs is: 6s 42,5ah. 5kg. Size 360x130x65mm.

@Riwi that pack is really impressive! How difficult is it to salvage the batteries from the Kia Soul?

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Any update on testing these? Very excited about this battery prospect working out

I’ve been using them since May. Works perfect. No heat and perfect for using in a board.

But it is Lipo or LiIon?

Can you let us know the price for a single cell?

It’s NMC.

Cells are from an electric car battery. I build them in 6S configuration, 5kg each. Price for 12S, two 6S packs, will most likely be around 700euro.

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