What sealent for polypropylene?


Can you recommend a sealent that sticks to polypropylene? Silicone lifts right off. Sikaflex 221 apparently is also not suitable.

Today I attached a polycarbonat window. The silicone might seal, but only because its under compression by screws.

I got hot glue to work by roughing up the texture with a chissel. This is only a mechanical interlock. Its not waterproof.


LOL! I was wondering what if anything sticks to PETG. Most epoxy sticks to PLA and NYLON.
I have this I found awhile ago looking for the best nylon epoxy adhesive:


There is also a Sherwin Williams adhesive site somewhere…

I settled on the Stratasys recommended one in the end, but I doubt it works on PETG or PolyPropylene.


We’ve got that one in France

Primary layer + Cyano + micropowder


PP and PETG are plastics that are not glueable. It should be very hard to find something.