Waterproof remote housing


Ah okay, I’m printing it the other way so that the inside is clean. I’ll keep you posted how it goes.


for the groove to house a bead of silicone, before printing my complete housing, i made some trial test :

this is top vew (silicone is difficult to see)

this is cross section without pressure

and with pressure :

after placing silicone, you can make it more flat with putting some soap or water on you finger. and then pass you finger on it.

hope it will help you


Oh, you just siliconed in the ‘ring’ to the top part of the case?


yes exactly, i do it like that


This is amazing work! :smiley:

Can I ask what the model of the remote are? Where can I buy it?

Thank you.


Hello I think you can found it on Amazon or other web site :



Great work Gobbla on design and the silicone bead concept!
I have been debating a seal similar to that or rubber gasket, your way definitely makes it simple but looking into rectangular o-ring shape that slides into the grove?

I’m working on a waterproof remote housing also and the shape slowly keeps evolving as we 3D print prototypes for ergonomic feel.


Ergonomic, simple, waterproof remote control

Thanks, your concept is nice, do you plan to install remote inside or just electronics from remote?
For the o ring rectangular , it should work, just need to adapt grove.
In my case I did not choose such rectangular o ring due to difficulty to weld it and to follow the cover shape. In my job before we was using it, but due to leakage, we now use cylindrical o ring. Disadvantages of cylindrical o ring is you need more accuracy on grove and cover surface.

For Silicone bed i m just afraid about life time, a lot of experiments to test :wink:


We have just the wireless electronics installed inside the waterproof remote housing to try and keep things as streamlined as possible.


The cheapest, easiest and most comfortable option is the good old:

superlefax 2,4 GHz rubber mod :wink:

The main advantage is that it really feels quite sensitive at moving the throttle stick :wink:

and more optimised:

There is even a second channel to turn on a module by pressing a button. Any good idea for what we can use the second channel?