Torqeedo gearbox and gearcap with seal


Interesting parts …èces-de-rechange/hors-bord/travel/travel-503-s/pylon/pylon-ii-till-2013/gear-cap-plastic-complete-with-seals/000-00229.html



I will try to find out more about the gear - the company is next to me :sunglasses:

Here a look inside the pod - outrunner without active cooling, gear and large prop:


I know it’s a different model but the pictures from the Cruise 4.0 rl are a little clearer. If I squint just right, it looks like a 70mm PLA gearbox for 4kW input power (at 48V) and max output RPM of 1300. Can’t quite make out the gearing ratio but its definitely a single digit. Other Torqueedo models use outrunners mated to smaller gearboxes in what appears to be a dry pod so I assume the Cruise 4.0 rl is a dry outrunner as well. Interestingly, they’ve managed to keep a multi kW dry outrunner cool!


You are right - this is a Neugart PL? 70 and it’s for the bigger models.
The first shown one is also Neugart - maybe PLE 60?


Indeed the second one looks to be a PLE 70



They aren’t the ple range of gearboxes. I have the one that is used in the 1003 motor. They are designed to take the load of a propeller.