Timing Belt Reduction


Def looks more compact, oil bath would be a +. hmmmmmm? This is the principle right?


Yeah that looks good. It could be even more compact with the drive gear inside the ring of the prop gear if you get what I mean?


1st of all, far from any possible CAD work which i am not even good at. Literally just an idea (what Ekiwi suggested using inner sk8 reductions). I am sure there is something simpler than this cause this would have to be VERY precise. Tell me there is easier way for this :smile:

I used sss 360 size for this black thing, 18:36 gearing, smaller pinion (if thats the word) is around 24mm diameter and larger around 50mm. Motoshaft is 10mm. Just for reference. Could be very compact with proper math and CAD work. :money_mouth_face:
God damn it where is that perfect motor already :joy:


I really like the idea of an internal ring gear. Tricky part will be getting it precise enough if 3D printed and the bearing for the output shaft so close to the motor shaft. I’m going to look into this further also.


Thats easy, just different angle (offset) of outer ring holders, like u guys print duct holders. I would like to see would it be possible to downscale gears so it gets flushed with the motor housing. Can be shorter too, i just streched it a bit for visibility. I am sure some1 will have better idea.
There is already a problem, impossible to make holder from the motor side (motor shaft in way) and i wouldnt like reduction ring being supported from only 1side and i think i can speak in your name, neither would u :smile:


Wow that was a quick mock up. Good work and
As it has to be supported on one side, prop side, the thickness of the materialof the gear ring would have to increase.
Agreed, KISS ( keep it simple stupid) if we had a direct drive system with perfect inrunner motor then we wouldn’t have to think of all these elaborate systems.


I like this too. Looks like I am the only one that tests the waterproof 100kv alien motor. I think our issues all come down to the right prop.


Well, cheaper and simpler is direct gear on “regular” gear. If pinions dont have to be 1:2 in size for 1:2 gear ratio, it could fit the casing of a motor. Basically meisters belt drive but closer together, and with um, gear teeth not belt teeth :smile: But idk anything about transmissions :expressionless:

But this could fail easier than belt since this is just a stripped down version of neugart and simmilar.


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The belt couldn’t withstand high RPM.
Small chain also could not withstand high RPM and high torque.
I think it’s better to think about it in a gear way.