The Max Maker Build


Nice build. I used aceton and primer for super glue which is used for EPP. I used thickened epoxy to glue a wall into my battery box. It held until i decided to use a new box made of ABS.


It’s crazy how many things have to go right for this to work. I estimated about 150 homemade cable connections. If one of those fails, I will have to paddle home. And thats just the electrical stuff. The board has to hold up, the containers need to be waterproof, the foil needs to have the right shape, the motor needs to be powerfu enough and waterproof.

I am getting there though.


Really nice acoustic feedback from that relay. I will have to abandon electronic switching.:sweat_smile:
Seriously though nice progress, the waterproof cabling can take ages. I took me a whole weekend to assemble the esc and battery box with all cable glands.


Waterproofing is a pain! And all those cables drive me mad. Lots of time and work with little visible progress.

Left to do are two temp sensors, the plugs for the VESC and the safety cutoff.


Looks like my VESC is bricked. Hopefully they can repair it. I am sooo close to do prop testing. Very frustrating when things go wrong that you have no control over. While I wait, ill build a test stand and some props.


can you tell what you did?


maybe we can help you? Spareparts needed?


Maytech has just launched a new 100A vesc based off the 4.12 Vesc. Maybe they’d be interested in testing it on an efoil…