The Hiorth Brothers Build


Where did u guys get the seakings from? it’s a Hobbywing seaking 130 hv right? Which version do u guys have? (current newest which is selling is V3)


We use seaking 130A V3. Bought from elfun SEAKING.

It came with a warning: that there are many counterfeit versions out there.


Could be an idea to make the prop smaller. According to theory a bigger prop is better, but amp draw at start-up and duct drag may be bad at that size. Don’t know. I can post the duct and prop used for the tow up, if you want? It’s
Just sanded PLA.


Thanks. I might order one.


Yes, that would be nice. I’ll print the prop with a 140mm diameter to compare.



We are running the pump constantly, as long as the remote is connected to the board


FunFun time auto genereated by Google photos


An insight of summer 2019 on your home lake Hiorth ? :grin: