The Hiorth Brothers Build


Thanks for the Files, I can open the step file but it is not perpendicular and centered to XYZ. I gues I can somehow rotate and move it to the right position. Unfortunately the fusion 360 download link does not work, the file seems to be empty.


In your slicer …Click Edit… Click Place surface on board… Click the surface that you want to be flush to the heat bed… The click centre and arrange


Hi @Hiorth, just wondering, did you do all of your ESC control (acceleration curves etc) via arduino or did you buy a programming box for the ESC and change some settings that way. I’m going to buy my ESC soon and was wondering if I should get a programming box or not worry about it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello @Goldy
Yes we use an arduno as the “brains”. Then we can get the curves we like, with just som lines of code.

It depends on if you want to do the controller from scratch or go the RC way. It is also possible to make a arduino buffer between the rc reciver and the ESC. To make slow


Great, thanks @Hiorth



Good to hear that! I’m a newbie with Arduino and still assembling a full Hall sensor nrf24 remote, thanks to you and some guys here that shared a simpler and more usefull sketch than the ESk8 geeks.
But still I’d love to give a try to my fisrt idea, which was to program this “in between” Arduino to use slower accelleration ramp with the reliability of a classic RC. But I have not found any usefull info, code, discussion… nothing about that, so far. Any suggestion on how to do it will be welcome!


At the time when I was building DIY drones,a few years ago,everyone was using an APM for a cost of may 20 dollars. The APM would go between the RX receiver and the ESC.

Have a look at , you may pick a few ideas here and there. Also included, all accelerator / gyros logs, etc… …

Now that I am thinking, about it, APM gyros could even automatically balance the board


Running a buffer to control accel/decel between the RC receiver and ESC is pretty simple. Just need a arduino/teensy and some basic code. I’m currently working away on site but will try link some examples when I get a change.


It would be great! Having a proved sketch to start working with it’s a huge help.
I’m not able to organize an arduino programming from zero… Not even which strategy to follow to solve such problem


Its easy to learn even if you have never written code before. If you do just 2 simple tutorials, you will probably have learned enough to tackle this project.

I would siggest the following:

1st tutorial- Make an LED Blink and changing the speed with a switch.

2nd Succesfully connect a servo to an Arduino and control it with a potentiometer.

There are tons of tutorials!


I’ve done something more than those two basic projects but, I made Arduino to write RC pwm signal etc, but from that to arm an esc, ramp the increasing/decreasing throttle output to esc, make the failsafe working and debug the sketch… It’s not so easy to me!


The ESC gets exactly the same signals as a servo, so if you can control a servo, you can control the ESC.