The Dutch build


Hi all,

firstly I’d like to thank Pacific meister for setting up this community and secondly Silvio on which my set-up is based.

My build is not yet finished yet, just want to share and i’m open for suggestions :slight_smile:
After my chinese friends weren’t able to send me a PLE40 replica after 2 months waiting, I descided to swich to a setup similar to Silvio:

Motor: AquaStar 4084 620KV : -> i will run this on 12c.

Gearbox: Reisenauer Motor Chief 6/1, incl flange 4-P-CHIEF-Flansch PEGGY :

Custom printed part:

Propeller: 7.25x5 :

Batteries: 2x6s Multistar 10000mAh (want to double the capacity as soon as everything works)

ESC: flier boat 320A :
honestly I think this is overkill now I switched to the 4084 instead of the 56114 motor. Would it be a problem?

Foil: Chinese SUP foil:

Board: I build my own, PIR foam+3 layers of glass epoxy

My plan is mount the aluminium mast mount by 4 screws in the mast, and fill it with superfix 009 to make it waterproof and to give it strength. I will glue the motor as well.

I also plan to put the superfix 009 between the motor and the motorflange to waterproof.

I estimated worst case 35kg of thrust in axial direction, and the same in radial(in case i hit something). I called Reisenauer to ask if a axial and radial bearing is needed. He almost started laughing; the reisenauer motor chief can handle forces up to 50kg in forward, backward and sideward directions :smile:
So the bearing I already installed is not really needed, guess I leave it in there anyway.

I made a groove in the red printed part, in which I placed a rubber ring. This will be comressed by 4 bolts. The ‘legs’ of the printed part are 1mm shorter to make sure the rubber ring is compressed well. In the printed part, I will place a double lip seal.:

I put 2 wooden beams underneath which i epoxyd in the foam.
On the bottom and topside I epoxied a plate of 20x30x5mm carbon to give strength to the bolts

Last week I tried the foil behind our boat, it was surprisingly easy! I have no surf experience but i managed to stand a few minutes. Take of speed should be ±14kmh (our boat speed is 12kmh, so I could only come out of the water when making a corner)

electronic box, still have to organize and waterproof the connections…

I see some people use a forklift relais, what would be the benefit from that from what I use?

I have one question:
I can programm my ESC. Do you have suggestions about my settings?
Im especially curious about the max power:
My motor is 10C and I have 12C. Now I read that this motor can handle 12C, especially as my motor is cooled very well. But would it be wise to cut the power a little bit(say to 85%?)

Thanks and I’ll keep you updated! b.r. from Utrecht


Nice built , set up in // 6s ? Ubec 26v ?


Yes, I bought the wrong one, but might be able to connect the ubec to only 1 battery.


Looks nice :smiley:
Hope I can build one in Holland as well :smiley:


Eindelijk wat nederlandse bouwers! Mocht iemand er straks wat van de hand doen als ze klaar zijn hoor ik het graag. Ben zeer benieuwd en zelf bouwen gaat me helaas niet lukken. Zet em op guys!