So which sub-400 buck-foil hasn't bent yet?


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The ALLVATOR Surf/Sup feedback thread 5 pages: English or French GPS proven Vmax is 52kph (28knots)
The ALLVATOR Kite feedback thread 8 pages: English or French GPS proven Vmax so far 28kph (15knots)

It’s a great product IMHO and I intend to buy one next October. The great thing is that the three wings are all swappable but I will choose between the two smaller ones 65cm (712 cm2) / 70cm 1257cm2
80cm is available as an option during the order. A 90cm and 100cm wing with thin profile will arrive in Octobre.

There is a Vmax gap between the 65cm wing and the 70 one. The 70 is designed to provide a higher lift at low speed and should logically saturate past 30 kph (16knots).

Unless the 70cm wing shows better speed potential, as my weight is less than 80kg, I intend to buy the Allvator kite 65cm wing and will ask for the 65cm mast with plate for several reasons:

  • the front wing is Large for a kitefoil wing with 712 cm2 projected area. It is misleading for an efoil practice because since it is flat, It corresponds to a wing with 850/900 cm2 curved area like the Elevate wing (70cm long, similar chord, for riders up to 100kg).
  • high lift low drag, very stable at low speed as described by [the Allvator kite thread here above]
  • GPS proven Vmax for the 65cm wing is 25+ knots (45kph) means you will not face the 13 knots (25kph) limit met by @jakebarnhill1 with his supfoil, a Takuma clone of 1240+cm2 here.)

The ALLVATOR kite thread here above p6 indicates a method to sand the front wing trailing edge extrados only at 30°in order to pass the 30 knots (56kph) barrier without vibration.