Propellers and Ducts


How are you all getting Javaprop to work? Java won’t let me install it because it’s not from a trusted site. I’ve tried downgrading Java, that didn’t work.


If you google on javaprop site, there’s an how to. For windows computer, control panel- java and you need to add an exception for that website


Yes that is what we did, Javaprop website shows how to do it also, took me a couple tries to figure it out but I did get it.
Maybe you can run WEB VERSION? does this work for you?


I think the web version won’t let you save your design…
I got the desktop version to work on my company laptop which is very tight from a security point of view.
I re-installed Java a couple times and it magically started to work… not sure why.


Ah!ah! I did the same on my office computer! On Windows 7 it was just matter of setting a “domain exception” from control panel, start menu.
Javaprop web won’t let you export.
One though is due at this stage: I’m close to seatrial, wish it work fine, but even if no, the journey it’s been fantastic a so stimulating! I’d to learn and dig back into my electronic degree, beyond any of my nautical professional skill, the Efoil bug pulled out all the best and force me back to study. …and it’s not over yet!!!


I got Javaprop to work, but it doesn’t do anything. Hit “Design-it!” after entering my variables, nothing happens. Has this happened to anyone?


I’ve gone through all tabs. Nothing.


you are absolutely correct because when you shut off the air intake on a jacuzzi, the power of the thrust goes way down compared to when it pulls air in with the water jet


Do you think this could be worth some experimentation?


Totally! Thanks for sharing this info. We have been discussing this idea here.


Very interesting. What if we can try air EDF pushing air (acting as an air compressor) into the such propulsion system installed near the wings area. What do you think?


In case there is still any question about the pitch of the propeller, it has been measured to be pitch 6


Would be cool if Pacificmeisters prop model would paremetricly imprint the pitch and so on on the hub.


Haha yeah that would make it official