project_BeerWolf build


Hey all,
I’ve added the drawings for my build here in case anyone is interested.

I’ll try to add some pictures to the readme but you can see some at the end of the video linked in the description. I’ve spotted a few little mistakes in the drawings that I’ll fix but you could probably take these to a machine shop and have them fabricated. Disclaimer: I’ve barely done any testing! Don’t take the drawings to be fabbed just yet. There is a 3D printed nose-cone and propeller in there. I’m using half a shaft coupler to mate to my propeller, that is a little funny at the moment and could be improved.

Assembly Drawing



Awsome piece of work Robbie !
You’re my reference candidate to test the “Mast no drill option” :wink:
Builders: how not to drill your alu or carbon mast!

I have 2 questions: a Dwarfcraft is a no volume no balance board.
1- Aren’t you afraid not using a duct with you family jewels not so far from the the prop during takeof ?
2- Your tests on the water: have you thought about using a leash in which you could hold during your learning curve ?



I’m not too scared of it, the prop is pretty far away at the bottom of the mast while I’m lying on the board. I might hit it while swimming near the board, but I’ve been taking care to make sure the prop isn’t spinning.

If this was a aluminum prop, it would be a different story. The 3D printed prop would probably ruin someone’s day, but not kill them. A plastic printed prop is not a big threat when your balls are made of steel.

  1. I don’t think its so much of a question of learning. I can ride the foil on my kite and behind a boat no problem. I think that thruster is upsetting a force balance. I’m going to try taking the straps off so I can move up to the front of the board. I also might adjust my tail angle or thrust angle to compensate.


Waterfox, have you tried moving your foot straps forward a little? Looks like you have plenty of power but the board is climbing too fast and throwing you off. Maybe just use one strap so you can move the other foot to adjust your CG. I have also found that once the board is out of the water I can back off of the throttle and the wing will level out.