Peters Concept (Bavarian style)


Hi, I used three in a row with 36Volts. The amp was below 1A. For me it was great, but my ESC current was always below 60A.


Hi, Peter! I’d like to know what engine and what transmission you used and how do they feel?
In any case, thank you for sharing your project!


Hey @Peter how did you make your foil? I’m not happy with the one I have and would love to give yours a try if your willing to share the CAD files.


Hey I’ve milled a mold for it and then laminated it with glass fibre. I can provide the CAD, but I’m not very happy with it, because having a curved Wing will improve stability. Did you have a look to the new wings from slingshot? Maybe it’s worth investing…


Curved in what direction? Towards the back, or arched like a bridge?


Like a bridge. Anhedral downturn shaped wings add to the vertical wing area and improve yaw stability at the expense of lift. Stability vs efficiency.


So @peter, what about that list from Nov 17 ? :wink:

Man I love those numbers you told us : 50 mn of flight, that is amazing…