Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


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In the part list from Pacificmeister, I am unable to find a link for the shaft sealing.

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I can’t click the link for item 13 either, but you can go to and search for the part number from the table (5154T47) this brings up the “Oil-Resistant Shaft Seal Heavy Duty, Double-Lip, 5/16” ID, 3/4" OD - 5154T47".


Thank you for that Flo. Cheers.


Dear @pacificmeister, thanks a lot for the designs, you are making this awesome tool a reality for so many people! and thanks for the many other contributors, it is great to see this community!

I’m following the build of @pacificmeister, and except from the ESC (which is on it’s way), have all the parts, so I’m switching gears here. I’m using a new LF foil and just realized that the mast is different (much longer front to back - 132.8mm and a bit narrower - 14.7mm). So I followed your video for adjusting the mast hole, learning Fusion 360 along the way - Another great contribution, thanks!!

The problem I encountered is that, since the mast is much longer front to back, the generic shape is simply not long enough to subtract from:

My question is, how would you (or others) suggest modifying that front shape? How much material should I leave at front? How much room should I leave at the back for getting the cables in?

Also, looking at the design of the generic front and back, I didn’t really figure out the best way to edit those. Is everything I need in that same file or should I pull the “source” of the design so I can edit it?

My design can be found here: design for LF-2018 mast

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi @Yinnon_Haviv! Great to hear about your progress. I had a quick look at your design and I am afraid that your mast indeed is quite a bit wider than mine. You can try to cut your profile as I described in the video, download the fusion archive and you will get the complete history and can rewind the timeline to start with the solid pieces. Sounds like you did that already. That Axis mast is wider too. If yours is even wider you may need to remodel the nose piece, maybe both pieces. If that’s the case, maybe someone here has done that already and can share. What LF model you have?


Thanks! I bought the Impulse, but I think every LF model since 2016 will use that same mast (see here).

When I wrote the question I only looked at the model linked from the mast adaptation video. Since then I downloaded the entire assembly and found that it contained more history I can use.

Yes, the LF is much wider than the Axis (132.8mm vs. 109.874 mm). I’ll try to adjust the plans tonight by extending everything by the difference, while preserving the size of hardware, let’s see how that goes. I prefer trying that before cutting the mast (BTW: I didn’t see that in the video, but I vaguely remember seeing something like that in the forum).


Does everyone know, where i get the 2x Oil-Resistant Shaft Seal Heavy Duty, Double-Lip, 5/16" ID, 3/4" OD - 5154T47, which are able to ship to switzerland or germany?


Inside diamenter: 5/16" ~ 7,9375mm and outside diameter: 3/4" - 19,05mm width: 0.250" = 6,35mm
It’s described as NBR type conforming to DIN 3760 / ISO 6194. Type Double lip.
The shaft is 8mm in CAD and the bores (where those seals sit in) are 19,6mm in diameter.
As the outer bearing needs the 22,4mm step, I would suggest using the closest metric seal with 20mm or with 18mm outer diameter and ajusting the seal mount in CAD before printing. I don’t know where you could get the imperial sized ones in Germany, maybe from the UK. I think the AS type is the right one, for example that “Radial-Wellendichtring DIN 3760 - AS 8,0 x 18,0 x 5,0 NBR”. You can search for the above type to find another supplier. If you just use the norm you will find an overview of all available types.

It would be interesting if anyone knows where to get real imperial seals.


und dann noch in Konstanz :wink: super


I am wondering how you mamage to line up all the shafts without flexible couplers. When I tried solid couplers on my CNC, even the tiniest misalignment caused it to bind. So I am using flexible ones.

Shaft couper solutions/recommendations

Hi could you take me final axe propeller size ?
I havé 8x100mm axe but is too long !


maybe they just need to get the wing more forward and wanted fix the mast at the back of the board…


I started test fitting parts and ran into the following issue:
When trying to fit the gearbox into the MotorGearboxMount, it seems that the gearbox cannot fit all the way in to where it supposed to, due to the inner ring (36mm diameter) not fitting the 28.7mm diameter hole in the mount.

Am I missing something here? Did anyone else ran into this issue?
I will dremel the part for now, but I think it makes sense to update the design if that is not a misunderstanding on my part. @pacificmeister, WDYT?


Is anyone using a naish thrust mast?
Has only one got the mast clamps models modified to fit a naish mast.


Hi @Yinnon_Haviv, thanks for pointing this out. I added the 2mm indentation with 36.2mm radius and updated the fusion source assembly and the MotorGreaboxMount STL file. I think I did that for mine before but didn’t save it.


Thanks a lot for the quick response. I’ll reprint tomorrow.

Speaking about printing, did you note the print settings which worked best for each part? Specifically the fill percentage and the layer width and thinkness. The reason I ask is that I saw several cases where my prints where not coherent with the plans and wondered if I can improve by changing resolution.

Another issue I ran into is that the holes around my gearbox don’t fit the M4 rods which are supposed to be used there. Maybe my gearbox is a bit different? I can try to carefully widen the holes or use M3 instead. Thoughs?


I played a lot with setting and different slicers. @tylerclark turned me onto Simplify3D and i like it a lot so far, it comes with a template with good working setting for my Qidi printer. I printed everything 100% fill, partial infill stuff didn’t hold for me.

Regarding bolt fit - yes I carefully drilled the gearbox aluminum mount holes to fit the M4s.


I was wondering if you ever tried it! Glad you like it!


Holes in 3D prints are often too tight so you need to drill them out. Easy though. I would print with 100% infil and 0.1mm layer height. The layers don’t get great adhesion with 0.2mm and a 0.4mm nozzle. 200C° for PLA and 80mm/s on an Ultimaker. 10lines of Brim for platform adhesion. 2mm Wall thickness. 40mm/min wall print speed. If you have warping issues, you can place the entire printer in a heated cardboard box.


Pacificmeister - what is the thread size you used on the SealMount rev 2 v1 to attach it to the duct?