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@pacificmeister did you silicone the shaft seals to their seats on the seal mount? I tried to use a bit of grease to seat them in there but it feels like they would spin as the shaft spins.


@MinnesotaMan it’s usually instant. It might pay to check your spam folder or try another email address.


Connected in series, 12S.


Yes I used silicone to fix them


I just saw that jetsurf has a prototype hydrofoil out.
What do you think?


the name says “hybridfoil” possibly still has the gas engine powering a generator?


I wonder what purpose that angled mast has.

Option 1: As you lift out of the water, the remaining masts fin effect will move further forward. Maybe it has a greater effect there. I don’t know about surfboards…

Option 2: If you get caught by a rope, the rope will move up the mast and then stop the board without a big moment acting on the mast to board connection. Unlikely.

Option 3: Style?


Could the angled of the mast be for better stability?


Interesting. Maybe they reused their existing Jetsurf design with a gas engine in the board and the easiest was to mount the mast in the back instead of the jet drive, allowing them to hook up a drive shaft down to the prop/jet. And to compensate for this “design hack” they had to angle the mast forward. I am speculating here but I can’t see any other reason for this.


I feel like that might actually make a lot so sense, and be genius. The motor (or lack there of) in the tube looks significantly (3/4) smaller than what we have seen on any of the designs here.

I think it’s interesting that they put it on their gas-powered board and not their new electric one. Their Instagram has been going crazy with info about it this weekend.


Well but then I dont get why it is called hybridfoil and why the propeller mount is that long (far back the mast).
I bett 75degree and 105degree gearboxes are a PIA too.


Likely a v-drive and the angle is derived from that.


It is interesting that they still used the normal jetsurf motor.

Other angles for your curiosity.


looks like “concept” only :smiley:


The original picture Jetsurf posted didn’t say concept on it. The pictures they posted yesterday show they added “concept” stickers to the wings. I wonder if this board is even a functioning prototype?


I Had a closer look at this concept on the “Boot” exhibition in Düsseldorf a few hours ago.
It doesn’t look like there is a mechanical connection and unlike their other models the motor housing was closed.


I am sure they are capable of building something good. Lets wait.


@pacificmeister A quick question, what is exactly the element composed of 3 rings that you have between the thustbearingmount and the connector? I can’t find it in the list. Thanks!


I think you describe the thrust bearing itself. It’s item 14 (named: "Thrust Needle Roller Bearing) on the list of materials form the first post in this thread.


Thank you! Exactly! I was lost as the element is in 3 parts on the cad file :slight_smile: