Nicks Jet direct drive Build


2 x 6S batteries fitted into a box

just got to gland the cable


The board I went for is an NJS formula kite board
brand new $300 delivered not a bad deal

and I need to cut the hell out of it


This needs a NSFW tag :open_mouth:


Nice box.
What is it?
I planned on using some similar aluminium box for outdoor junction boxes,but they are only IP65, which is not made for submersion.
Is yours higher rated than that?


The box is Ip65 but I use silicone when I close it
just to make sure

Im still not 100% happy with it and looking at other solutions


Just received a new delivery today


selection of wings as well as the Manta wings


new design water inlet


That esc tube inlet on the exaust is a great idea. In the future, it could be incorporated inside hollow fuselage with a “sucking mouth” at the endtip of the fuselage.


ok, where do you put it, in the groove or just around the the box?




have u test it yet???


Very cool. How’d it perform :slight_smile: ?