Newbie questions


Would be nice if we can get something like a noob questions thread or FAQ, I’m struggling finding the answers I want on the forum.

How big motor do you need? In terms of horsepower and size, what type and do you need special cooling?

Is there any point in running dual drive for more power?

The foil, these are very expensive, can they be built out of tree like Clearwater’s, does those work for efoil?

  • There are quite a few options for the motor. It all depends on how much power and speed you want to board to have. I just wouldn’t try with less than 3KW.
  • A dual drive setup would probably work, but would introduce a lot more drag and would be less efficient.
  • Yes you could build the foil like Clearwater does. Ultimately you can use whatever material you want to built the foil provided it is stiff and strong.


What’s the biggest difference between using and inrunner and an outrunner? can both be used?



  • Easier to implement cooling
  • less drag
  • will need gearbox
  • Most setups on here are like this


  • need to insulate motor
  • need to change bearings
  • less power/thrust
  • no gearbox
  • not that many setups exist


Prices are going down: if you don’t want to buy from China, you have alternatives such as The ALLVATOR aluminium foil from Gong at 399€ shipped from France to Europe without custom Tax and possibly 332€ without VAT if shipped to outside Europe. Add 20 to 30€ for shipping, that’s less than 370 GBP delivered to a UK door.
This ALLVATOR for kitefoils is pretty unique as its front wing is quite wide (65cm) ensuring early takeoff and stability and a max speed of 20+knots. Front wing surface is around 900 square cm (less than a SUP 1200 cm2 and more than a kite 600cm2). Should be very good for efoiling.
Downside: available end of July 2018 only if pre-ordered.
Brand history: Gong has been making boards since 2001. They have been developing, manufacturing and selling their own hydrofoils since 2014. They stock their spare parts.


That’s a very good price!